November 2021 Edition of TOFFOUNDATION

PRE-EVENT- Oct 27-29th:

The programme is in November, the registration started a month earlier.

Registration began on the 27th of October, 2021 at the Taiwo Odunlade Foundation.


Over 100 registrations were made with about 50 from the Hausa community in Ile Ife on the 2nd day.

We further accepted by 28th of October, 20 registered people from each ward in the Ife central LGA from the 11 political wards. 
Amongst all these registrations, 50 came from the Widow and Widower Association and another 50 from Ife Retiree Association of Ife Central LGA. Care packages were given to all who came for registrations.

MAIN EVENT - Nov 25-27th, 2021:

A memorable event for the warm people of Ife Central LGA as Taiwo Odunlade Foundation launches it philanthropy vision right in the heart of the place.